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The literal translation of the German word Kopfkino is “Head Cinema”. It is the act of seeing the perfect picture come together in your mind.


We will harvest to turn it into something spectacular.

Founded in 2020 during the time of uncertainty, online shopping, zoom and DIY Projects, Kopfkino was born to be the agency that curates.

We are a boutique content, communication and strategy studio, aimed to bring all the small details together to achieve that picture perfect moment. We use human truths, storytelling and psychology to curate the best solution for your brand. 

We thrive on positive energy (coffee) and cheerful smiles (wine) while delivering whole-hearted work (great work). 

You’re probably wondering by now how many people are on the team… we’ll we count two quircky directors, but also whole lot of goodluck industry and agency elves, each specialising in it’s part ready to collaborate.

So, let’s get the sticky notes out and create something excellent and real.

Just as you imagined.