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Donker en Moerig: Print Ad

Our Death Wish Coffee print ad, this last minute entry scored a Pendoring nomination and was obviously inspired by our coffee addiction

This was a special, conceptual project that made its way to the Pendoring Awards. A surprise last-minute entry that became a finalist. Our love for coffee and languages finally paid off.

We are sure that you will love Death Wish Coffee and our little mom jokes.


We all have a “moerige” family member that relies on coffee to get through the day.


“Donker en Moerig”

Death Wish Coffee reminds us how a cup of coffee can be the

one thing you need most to get through the day in one piece.

You might be a dad on your way to work when your daughter asks you for light-flow tampons or a mom who forgot that she had to make a platter for her school and now has to compete

with figs and brie.

The point is, normal coffee isn’t quite good enough for a “normal” family.

If you want to make it through the day, you’ll need a really strong cup of coffee.

The Ad Series

Death Wish Coffee copy-04.png
Death Wish Coffee copy-05.png
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